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Artiano Shinoff has spent more than 30 years encouraging its attorneys to embrace their role in the communities we serve.  This means more than the occasional community board service or one-off pro bono representation.  At Artiano Shinoff, we treat the entire framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the utmost sincerity and seek to empower all of our employees to be a part of our commitment.  This commitment to community is why Artiano Shinoff is the first law firm in the state to embrace all of the elements of CSR outlined by the Global Reporting Initiative. Our corporate clients understand that today’s customers frequently make decisions based on a company’s demonstrated commitment to community and we strive to live that reality.

AS7Cares is about being a meaningful part of the communities we serve.  And it’s about our relationship to our employees, the social responsibility of our vendor decisions, our pro bono work and our stewardship of the environment.

The four tenets of the AS7Cares Corporate Social Responsibility framework are:

  • Community (pro bono, volunteer, philanthropy) – We orient all of our involvement in the community around the values of empowering the people we serve.
  • Integrity (promoting civility, State Bar ethics standards) – All of our staff, from Partners to Paralegals and Administrative Assistants, practice this profession with the honor and civility it deserves.  Our attorneys each review the State Bar’s Ethics Guidance annually to ensure we maintain the highest standards across our practice. Ethical and civil attorneys get better results for clients and are a positive impact on the profession.
  • Environment (sustainable practices, vendor relationships) – From care in recycling e-Waste to shifting to environmentally aware vendors, our firm has made a broad commitment to being good stewards of our environment.
  • Workplace (employee engagement, diversity, health and safety) – Comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility requires employers to support the personal and professional development of their employees.  From employee engagement initiatives to workplace safety protocol, our firm believes in a workplace that is both safe and creates work/life balance for its team.  Our leadership also ensures that respect for diverse values and backgrounds have a place at the decision making table for broad firm decisions affecting our workplace.

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At Artiano Shinoff, our attorneys and staff have one priority:
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