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Dragged Into “Closed Session”

This 60-minute (or extended 90-minute) presentation is designed for school officials to provide an overview of the Brown Act followed by the Act’s specific employment, personnel and labor provisions affecting California’s open meeting laws. Participants will receive practical advice to improve their handling and reporting of Closed Session matters.

Employment Practice Liability Update

Designed for companies with 50 or more employees, this one-hour session provides an overview of work related conflicts that commonly lead to litigation. What is a “whistle blower”? What is the employer’s responsibility to “reasonably accommodate? What is a qualified leave and clarification of concurrent rights employees are entitled to?” Q&A regarding leave laws and how they impact the discipline process.

Pitfalls and Perils to Watch For As Board Members and Superintendents

Designed for School Officials and Administrators, this one-hour workshop addresses public entity ethics laws, including conflicts of interest, open meeting laws, public records and disclosures and discusses recent trends in litigation and legislation which impact K-12 school districts.

Public Officials Ethics

This 2-hour training workshop complies with the requirements of Government Code section 53235. It includes a discussion of general ethical principles and the manner in which values such as trustworthiness, respect, fairness and responsibility promote public trust in government. The course emphasizes the importance of avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. Specific topical areas include: conflicts of interest including the Political Reform Act (Gov. Code, § 87100 et seq.), contractual conflict rules (Gov. Code § 1090 et seq.), and the common law; restrictions on the receipt of gifts; government transparency laws including: access to public records (Gov. Code 6250 et seq.), open meeting laws – the Ralph M. Brown Act (Gov. Code § 54950 et seq.) and disclosure of economic interests (FPPC Form 700); misuse of public funds; mass mailing restrictions; due process requirements; doctrine of incompatible offices; competitive bidding requirements for public contracts; and prohibitions against extortion and bribery.

Reducing Costs and Business Disruption During Litigation

This 60-minute (or extended 90-mnute) presentation is geared towards helping small business participants understand the basic issues that will help them save money and reduce stress in litigation. Topics covered include critical first steps, basic timelines, how to minimize business disruption and controlling legal costs. Special attention is paid to participant-generated questions to maximize the benefit of the session. Participants will come out of the session with a basic understanding of key litigation issues, helpful guidance and answers to frequently asked litigation questions.

Today’s Trigger Points in Public Schools Between Teachers and Students

This presentation is designed for K-12 public, charter or private school human resource professionals, superintendents and administrators. This 90-minute interactive workshop will include discussion of bullying, cyberbullying, Unruh Act, FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act), managing student records, understanding confidentiality and minor consent in California and prevention of educator sexual misconduct.

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Managing Employees

Designed for businesses with under 25 employees, this workshop provides provide an overview of an employer’s legal requirements and best practice procedures for hiring, discipline, and personnel management. Participants will come out of the session with a basic understanding of
key issues, helpful guidance, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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