by Richard E. Romero

With the recent decline in California’s housing market, foreclosures and abandoned properties are becoming an increasing problem for California cities. The exponential increase in defaults and foreclosure filings over the past few months have left cities struggling to find ways to deal with the rapidly growing number of vacant and abandoned homes. Such homes contribute to neighborhood blight, increase crime, and create health, safety, and fire risks. Cities have attempted to address these problems via traditional nuisance laws, but the effectiveness of enforcing such laws against out-of-area lenders such as large banks and other financial institutions is limited and has left cities looking for new solutions. In response to these growing problems, we have aided our clients in finding creative solutions, implementing new enforcement mechanisms that not only are more proactive than traditional nuisance laws but are also more effective against entities that are normally unresponsive to nuisance abatement requirements. Feel free to contact us for more information on this topic.