Managing Lawfully Seminar for Employers

Ray J. Artiano and Lesa Wilson are experienced employment litigators, knowledgeable in all aspects of advisory and litigation issues which employers face on a daily basis. Mr. Artiano and Ms. Wilson are available for training seminars to help employers and their supervisors understand the increasingly complex legal environment of employment law. Our goal is to educate our clients through seminars and workshops in subject matters ranging from harassment and discrimination to labor and federal requirements. As an added area of expertise, Ms. Wilson has prepared internal policies regarding discrimination and harassment, and has conducted internal investigations into complaints of harassment and discrimination, prepared Confidential Investigation Reports and Administrative Determinations required by Title V, and provided advice regarding corrective action to be taken as a result of the Administrative Determinations. Mr. Artiano and Ms. Wilson understand that the myriad of statutes governing employers requires sophisticated interpretation and informed analysis, along with a common sense approach to the alternatives in any situation. Below, you will find a sampling of a “managing lawfully” training presentation for employers by Mr. Artiano and Ms. Wilson. Please contact the firm at 619-232-3122 to schedule a seminar and to learn more about the legal services we offer.

Training Objectives

  1. Understanding Protected Categories
    • Sex (Gender, Pregnancy, Sexual Harassment)
    • Race/National Origin/Color/Ancestry
    • Religion
    • Marital Status
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Medical Condition
    • Mental or Physical Disability
    • Age
  2. Recognizing potential problem areas
    • Interviewing
    • Relationships with Subordinates
    • Evaluations
    • Retaliation
    • References
    • Privacy Rights
    • Emails
    • Medical Issues and Accommodations
  3. Learn the definition and types of conduct that constitutes sexual harassment
  4. Learn to recognize sexual harassment when observed
  5. Learn strategies to prevent sexual harassment
  6. Understand your role as a supervisor and your obligations
  7. Who can be a Harasser?
    • Fellow employees or co-workers
    • Supervisors/managers/officer
    • Vendors/subcontractors
    • Clients
    • Visitors/delivery persons
  8. At-will employment
  9. Most Common Pitfalls
  10. Meal and Rest Breaks