Stutz Partner, William Pate, Provides Legal Services on “Project of the Year”

Named “Project of the Year” by the American Public Works Association, San Diego and Imperial Counties, Stutz Partner, William  Pate provided legal services to the San Diego Community College District for a 2.4 megawatt (MW) Power Purchase Agreement and a site license for solar photovoltaic systems installed at multiple campuses and District offices.  The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows the District to purchase power from a third party provider, Borrego Solar, over a twenty year period at a fixed interest rate, saving the District on utility costs and freeing up $16 million for other projects. 

“This is an attractive model because private investors can take advantage of tax incentives and accelerated depreciation that do not apply to non-profit entities,” said Pate. “With tight budgets and funding constraints, districts are finding this type of green initiative gives them much more control over future costs.”

The SDCCD solar project involved special measures to minimize the interruption to students on campus, including careful sequencing of installation trades, selective use of parking areas for material staging, and pre-designed solar carports to reduce overall installation time.

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