Solar Project Delivered for City of Murrieta

The City of Murietta recently approved a green energy project for the construction of carports with solar photovoltaic panels at the Murrieta Police Department.  Stutz partner Bill Pate, associate Jacob Gould, and partner Leslie Devaney, City Attorney for City of Murrieta, provided legal counsel on solar financing, delivery options, and negotiated a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which will save $500,000 over the city’s 20-year contract period.  The PPA was awarded to Commercial Solar Power.  The city currently offers a rebate for residential solar installations and has ranked No. 9 in California among those cities selected by homeowners choosing solar power.

Some of Stutz Artiano’s past solar projects include the San Diego Community College’s Solar Power Purchase Agreement, voted “Project of the Year” by the American Public Works Association.

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