Stutz Artiano Selected Legal Counsel to the Oversight Board

Senior Counsel, Barry Schultz, will serve as Legal Counsel to the Oversight Board to the Successor Agency to the former Redevelopment Agency (RDA), City of Desert Hot Springs. Special Counsel Robert Mahlowitz and Chris Cameron will provide support services.

Agencies throughout the state are faced with a myriad of issues as a consequence of California’s Dissolution Act, AB 1X 26, dealing with the closure of redevelopment agencies and the fiduciary responsibilities of holders of “enforceable” obligations.  In the wake of dissolved redevelopment agencies, most cities have multiple stakeholders that stand to benefit from the distribution of property taxes and revenues.  Mandatory board composition takes this into account, however, regulations affecting the management and disposition of former redevelopment agency assets are complicated and conflicting. Recent interpretations by the State Department of Finance, as well as legislation that sought to resolve interpretive discrepancies, have not provided a clear road map to oversight boards attempting to sort out new government requirements, deadlines, financial implications and their own personal liability.

For thirty years, Stutz Artiano has provided a wide range of advisory legal services to public agencies. For oversight boards to successor agencies of former RDA’s, this expertise includes  legal advice regarding specific obligations the board oversees, enforceability of contractual agreements, issues regarding submittals to the Department of Finance and legal representation of the board should an action be taken involving state regulatory or other matters.

For more information on Stutz Artiano’s public entity legal services, including advisory legal services to Oversight Boards to Successor Agencies, contact Leslie Devaney, Esq.