Artiano Shinoff Limits Liability in Sexual Abuse Case to Under $250,000

Artiano Shinoff defended a large Southern California school district in a lawsuit brought by three individuals claiming that their former drama teacher sexually molested them. The former teacher was not named in the civil lawsuit. The school district was the only named defendant. The evidence in the case included a guilty plea from the former male theater teacher, a video displaying some of the alleged misconduct, and potential for additional victims to come forward.

After an 8-week trial ending in January 2019, Partners Gil Abed and Daniel Shinoff, were able to limit a jury’s aggregate award in the sexual abuse case to under $250,000. The three male victims sought a total of $15.8 million in damages from the jury. Throughout the entire case the settlement demands from the three male victims were in the millions. During trial, the demand was $6.3 million.

There is no doubt that it is terrible when a teacher or any adult takes advantage of their position and a child is subjected to sexual misconduct. The trial and result are important because it reinforces the understanding that the individuals who commit the bad acts be held primarily responsible and institutions, such as school districts, only be liable for their proportionate share of liability.

In an era where Plaintiffs attorneys publicize settlements in sexual molestation cases averaging in $3-5 million and verdicts in excess of $10 million, it is important to know that there is a law firm that is prepared to confront these allegations and vigorously fight to defend these institutions.